We create powerful brand product company service app names that work.

Choosing a name for a business or product doesn’t have to be a pain. Instead, let’s make naming fun and creative.

Naming a business, a product or brand is hard - we make it easy.

Creating meaningful brand names that resonate with your specific target audience is what we do best.

10+ years experience

As a business naming agency, we name companies, brands, apps and products every day and are passionate about creating brands.

Unique Name Development

We’ve created names for businesses in all industries, from beauty to wellness, media to finance to technology to pharma.

Clients In 120+ Countries

Our clients come from all over the world. In order to ensure your business name is unique and memorable, we remember your geographic location and culture when developing it.

We make names that stand out. All our energy goes into creating extraordinary brand names, not ordinary ones.

Here's how it works

Strategically-Driven Naming Approach

  • 1. Pick your plan

    Tell us how many name ideas you would like to receive. Choose the service package that suits you best.

  • 2. Explain your business

    Gain input on the offering we are naming, your target market, communication goals as well as naming constraints.

  • 3. Creative Process

    We review your input and develop a strategy to position your Brand/Company or Service effectively. Our team will start the creative process.

  • 4. Receive custom names

    Within only 48 hours (2 business days) you'll receive the name ideas straight to your inbox. Based on your feedback we will proceed with booked services.

​​Explore UpScoop's ​​pricing tiers​

If you need high-quality ideas for naming your business or product, you’re in the right place.


5 Memorable Brand Names to choose from, strategically designed for your unique business and objectives.


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7 Memorable Brand Names + Trademark Check + Social Media Handles


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10 Memorable Brand Names + Trademark Check + Social Media Handles & Guaranteed .COM domain


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*based on your feedback

We Guarantee Results & 100% Satisfaction

This is a rare occurrence, but it can be solved easily. We simply analyze why you don't like the names, and then create a revision plan to address those issues. The only goal we have is to find a name you feel comfortable with & that will help your brand succeed.


You’re in good company — this year 1789 entrepreneurs used our service

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered in one place.

We are professional marketers with a wide range of skills and specializations. Our team has named hundreds of businesses, products and brands, including large companies, governmental agencies and small businesses.
Our Team, caters to clients from across the globe. We have a diversified set of clients spanning different industries, products and services. We have helped entrepreneurs, incubators, private equity players and startups across 6 continents.

Discretion is something that we take very seriously.

While other services are using YOUR (their customers) newly created name as a reference, we present you a few of OUR own projects-names from the past 10+ years* below:

*Some of the projects have been discontinued or are being sold by us.

Produxa – Car Care Product Brand

ArcticBelle – Beauty Product Brand

TradingJungle – Amazon Retailer

Nexico – German Online Marketing Agency

Reventure – Investment Company

Juniory – Online Toy Store

FlameALight – Fire Starter Product name

Flapsy – Pet Supply Brand

PlanBGift – Online Gift Store

Shopbutler – Online Price Comparison Engine

eVolve Fulfillment – Third Party Fulfillment Service Provider

HeyDental – Online Booking Service for Dentists

CelebSpy – Celebrity News Magazine

Femtastic – Online Magazine for Women

Tsuiseki – Click Fraud Detection Software

Glambelle – Nail Care Brand

MojoGift – Online Gift Store

SwimCampSwimming Lessons for Adults

YAY!Hair – Hair Product Line (Brand)

Once you secure the best package to suit your needs, you’ll be asked to fill in a set of requirements which will give us all the information we need to begin our research and creative process. If we need any further infomation, we will simply pop you a message.

Please check the delivery time for each package we offer. 

Other companies offer you faster results, but most of them are using online name generators. YOU DON’T WANT THAT, right?

If you really need your order delivered faster, just add the 1 Day Delivery Option at the checkout. This order will get our full attention for the day and we will deliver you results within 1 Business Day. Rest assured that those orders will get you the same outstanding results.

The last thing you need is to fall in love with a name that has inappropriate or negative connotations for some segment of your target audience. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to submit names headed outside the U.S. to a rigorous linguistic and cultural evaluation.

A rare occurrence, but the solution is simple. We simply break down why you feel the names don’t work, and then we bring together a plan for revisions to solve the issues highlighted. Our only purpose is to find a name which you are confident in & that can help your brand reach its full potential. We almost always put a smile on your face by now.

If you are not satisfied with the first list of names, we take additional input from you and share another set of uniquely created, engaging and powerful names for your business.
Yes, we do! Just drop us a message and we will send you our full catalog, including our Slogan/ Tagline Service, Logo Creation and Landingpage Building Service. We offer these additional services to our existing customers only.

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

All offers are ONE time purchases, NO subscriptions.

Our head office is in Newark, Delaware, and we also operate out of our European Office based in Dublin, Ireland.

​Do you have any questions?

​Feel free to get in touch with our support center, we’ll be happy to help you

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